Q: Does Hakken! have a physical shop?
A: YES! Hakken! We are now located at Plaza Singapura #07-08.

Q: My item arrived with defects, or damaged during shipping. Can I get it exchanged or replaced?
A: Yes. Depending on the item and the severity of the defect, our team will require you to take a photo of the damage or defect and send it to us in order to assess the extent of damage or defect. If the defect is severe, we will offer you a relevant exchange or refund.
In the case that we are unable to assess the defect from a photograph, we might request for you to send the item back to us. In such a case, we will offer you a relevant exchange or refund.

Orders and Payment

Q: What is a Pre-Order?
A: A pre-order is an item that is available for order but not yet released. The order deadline and item release date will be indicated on the item post. Please make your order before the deadline indicated, as Hakken! will be unable to process your order after the deadline. We ask for your understanding that all pre-orders are subject to availability.

Q: Do I need to pay a deposit for Pre-orders?
A: No, Hakken! does not charge a deposit fee for pre-orders.

Q: What happens after I make a Pre-order?
A: All Pre-order items are subject to availability. You will be billed once the item arrives. In the rare case that the order cannot be fulfilled, you will be notified via SMS or e-mail.

Q: Can I cancel my orders?
A: If the item is a Pre-Order, as long as the order cancellation is made before the item closing date, Hakken! will be able to process the order change. Cancellations made after the closing date for pre-orders will not be entertained.
However, if the item is an in-stock item, orders cannot be canceled.

Q: Can I change the details of my order?
A: Once your order has been placed, it will not be possible to change the type, color, size, or version of your order. It is the responsibility of the buyer to check the desired color, size, and variation of the product before purchase.

Q: Can I get a refund if I cancel my order?
A: If you have applied a voucher, or if the item is on sale, no refunds will be made. Also, depending on the nature of the voucher, if the voucher applied is one use per account, there will be no refund made for the voucher used, and you will not be able to apply the same voucher for your next order.

Q: Why was my order canceled?
A: There may be several reasons for your order cancellation:

1) Hakken! did not manage to reach you.
Please ensure that you have provided a valid e-mail address upon checkout and that e-mails from Hakken! are not sent into your spam folder or blocked by your mail clients/ISP.

2) Your order was not finalized.
If we receive incomplete or illegible information, or if we believe there might have been a mistake such as duplicate order, we will attempt to contact you to confirm your order. If we are unable to receive a response within 7 days, your order will be canceled.

3) A problem with your previous order has not been resolved.
Hakken! will be unable to process orders for customers who have outstanding issues with their previous orders. You will be able to make orders once the outstanding issues have been resolved.

4) The product is unavailable.
In the unlikely event that the product itself is cancelled, or that Hakken! experiences a supply shortage due to problems arising from distributors or manufacturers, your order will be canceled and a notification will be sent to you. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your kind understanding.

Q: Can I pay for half of my orders first and pay the rest later?
A: Hakken! is unable to accept partial payments or incomplete payments. Please pay the full amount requested within 7 days of billing.

Q: Can my payment deadline be extended?
A: All Pre-Order items must be paid for within 7 days of billing. If payment is not received within the payment period, the item will be forfeited. In-Stock items will be billed to you upon checkout.

Q: What are my payment options?
A: Hakken! accepts all major credit cards, debit cards. Should you have trouble with your payment accounts, please approach the relevant support channels directly.

Q: What currency can I pay in?
A: All our prices are in SGD, and all foreign currency will be converted and subject to bank rates.



Q: Does Hakken! deliver to my country?
A: Hakken! delivers to anywhere in Singapore, as well as most of Southeast Asia. However, due to the current COVID-19 Situation, we are unable to deliver to certain countries. Please contact us for more information.

Q: How much do I need to pay for shipping?
A: For Overseas shipping and delivery, shipping costs vary based on your purchase and the selected shipping method. Shipping is calculated based on the size of the item or weight of the item whichever is higher.

Based on your country of residence, your purchase may also be subject to customs taxes or clearance fees that will need to be paid before delivery. Hakken!Online has no control over these taxes, and will not bear or compensate for any such additional costs.

Q: When do I pay for shipping?
A: For Local deliveries, deliveries are a flat fee of SGD5, and will be added to your bill upon checkout. 

For overseas shipping, we will bill you the items in your cart upon checkout. After we calculate shipping, we will contact you via email and issue you a bill for shipping. Please allow 3-4 working days for us to compute.

If you have made Pre-Orders, the item and shipping will be billed to you when the item is released.

Q: Can I deliver to another address?
A: Yes. Upon checkout, you may enter a different delivery address from your billing address.

Q: Can I change my delivery address?
A: You may change your delivery address or add addresses at any time under your account and select the address you would like to deliver the order to upon check out. However, if the order has already been dispatched, the indicated delivery address cannot be changed. It is the buyer’s responsibility to make sure that the delivery address is correct.

Q: Can I track my order?
A: Yes. We will send you an e-mail that includes tracking information once we have shipped out your order. You can also find this information under your Orders page in your account.

Q: What are the Shipping Methods Available?
A: Hakken!Online provides EMS, FedEx and DHL Shipping services.

Q: How long do I have to wait to receive my purchase?
A: After you’ve placed your order, items that are in-stock will be packed within 3-4 working days. Pre-Order Items will be shipped after they arrive at our warehouse after their official release date.
Shipping times are dependent on your location and shipping method.*

Q: Can I consolidate my purchases into one shipment?
A: All in-stock items will be packed into the same shipment as much as possible, but Hakken!Online is unable to hold in-stock items until a Pre-Order release.

This means that if you have a Pre-Order item in your purchase, as well as in-stock items, the in-stock items will be shipped to you first, and the Pre-Order item will be shipped to you upon the date of release.

However, if Pre-Order items that have been made in multiple orders will be released in the same month, you can combine your orders using the “Combine Orders” function.

Q: Can I pick up my orders at your shop?
A: Yes. Upon checkout, please select pick up at either Hakken! @ Plaza Singapura or Hakken! @ Vivo City.
Our friendly shop staff will drop you a message once your order is ready for pick up. Due to space constrain, all orders must be pick-up within 14 days from the message.