Hakken! Exclusive Kuji Sword Art Online Vol. 1

Hakken! Online

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Sword Art Online
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Series: Sword Art Online
Quantity per Box: 80
Category: Kuji


Tune in to our live draw happening on Wednesday, 28th October @ 7 pm (GMT+8)!
Join us on our Youtube Channel -Muse Asia- as we draw for prizes --> HERE!

Please be sure to include your Youtube username in the notes section in the shopping cart before checking out!



Prizes Available: 

Prize A: Banpresto EXQ Alice Bikini Armour Prize Figure (2 Pieces) - 1 Type
Prize C: Sword Art Online Blanket + Microfibre Cloth (Packed Together) (1 Pieces) - 1 Type
Prize D: Kirito Shoulder Bag (4 Pieces) - 1 Type
Prize E: Sword Art Online Alicization Petanko Rubber Straps Vol.1 (7 Pieces) - 8 Types (Random)
Prize F: Set of 3pc Sword Art Online 10th Anniversary Wafer (1 Sets) - 36 Types (Random)
Prize G: Kirito & Eugeo Rectangle-shaped Poster Set (5 Pieces) - 1 Type
Prize H: Ball Pen (6 Pieces) - 2 Types (Choosable) --> No. 1 (Alice) - 3 pcs, No. 2 (Kirito) - 3 pcs

Last Prize: Sword Art Online Travelling Shoulder Bag (Item will be given to the person who purchased the last Kuji ticket!) - 1 Type
Prizes will be updated after each live draw!

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