Wish Upon a Star!

May2021 Genshin Impact Restock Wish Upon A Star Sugoiii Cosplay Meet 30 Apr 2021

Wish your favourite Genshin Character Home!!

Receive a Wish with every $20 spent at Hakken!'s Retail Shop! 
Each wish can contain either a Character, Weapon, or Landscape Collectible Card!

Spend $20 or above in a single receipt, and get the chance to roll from our Garapin machine!
The ball that you've rolled will determine the type of card you will receive*:
Colour Type
Yellow 5* Character
Red 4* Character
Blue 5* Weapon
White Landscape

*All cards are selectable, only available while stocks last.

Genshin Impact Items Restock

You guys really swept our shelves, but don't fret, more is finally here!!!
We're finally restocked on Genshin Impact Items!!

Grab what you've been eyeing now before it's all gone!!

SUGOIII Cosplay Meet

Meet and Greet popular local cosplayers at the Hakken! Retail shop on 29 and 30 May! 
Here's our guest lineup:
  • Rithe
  • Reakami
  • Xiaoyukiko
  • Akaei Ray
  • Kiyo
There'll be merchandise and cheki available, so don't miss this chance to get up close and personal with these cosplayers!! When you spend $50 or more on Cosplayer merchandise, you can carry all of it in a special XL Paper Bag!!

Come down in Cosplay and receive a $2 voucher* (no minimum spend)!! 

*Limited Quantity per day. Terms and Conditions apply.
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