Hakken! Exclusive Kuji: Sword Art Online

Hakken!exclusive HakkenOnline Swordartonline Alicization Hakkenkuji 1 Jun 2020

Hakken!Online is back with another exclusive Kuji for fans of Sword Art Online: Alicization!

Only $12 per ticket, you can stand a chance to win amazing prizes! 
Check out the line-up below: 

1. Each Hakken! KUJI Ticket allows for ONE RANDOM DRAW of ONE ITEM within the stipulated Prize Pool; selection of prize variants is only allowed within the SAME PRIZE TIER drawn (eg. Similar item but different designs or colours), subject to availability.
2. The number of each item in the Prize Pool is as stipulated; no additional copies will be added to the current ongoing Prize Pool.
3. Hakken! KUJI Ticket(s) purchased are NOT EXCHANGEABLE for cash or REFUNDABLE.
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